saving money at the grocery store top 7 ways,

Saving money at the grocery store top 7 ways

Grocery is an essential thing for our household. If you want to know saving money at the grocery store top 7 ways, then keep reading this article. We will discuss some of the best ways to save it.

Saving money at the grocery store top 7 ways

Recently I met one of my friends who is working as a manager at an IT company. During the lunch, we casually discussed some of I believe the best ways to save money. Saving money is an essential thing for all family and person.

Make a list of before buying

This a very common process we have been doing earlier even our parents were doing the same. But now we do not make ay list and visit to the store or mall without any list.

If you make any list then you have an idea of what to buy and how much to buy.

Making a list is a good practice while grocery shopping in a supermarket or nearby store.

Get the membership card

All most all the big supermarkets have the membership number where you can get the points while shopping and that points you can redeem in your next shopping.

Most of the membership cards are free and easy to use.

Shop during the sale

Most of the supermarkets and stores have a sale every month. It’s mostly during the end of the month or in the middle of the month. Because during this time the sales are down. If you want to save money, try to buy the grocery during the 2nd week or last week of the month.

Do not buy during the 1st week as most of the people buy during that as the salary comes.

Apart from the monthly sales all shops and supermarkets have the annual sale or sale during the New Year, Holi, Dewali, Independence and sale during the special occasions and festivals.

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So as a smart buyer, you can shop during this and save money

The items you can but during these annual sale or special osccasion sale

  1. Packet Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Paste
  4. Brush
  5. Shampoo

Buy those products which you can keep for more than 4 to 5mnths and use. Do not buy such things which get damaged within on month if its unused.

Try not to buy the packaged products

We have all seen that all most all groceries like rice, dal, etc. are available in 1kg to 5 kg packets. But have you ever compare the price of that packaged products with loose products available.

You will definitely see the lesser price of the lose products available out there.

You need to put in the small paper bags available there and make small packet as per your need.

So buying the products which are available in loose format will save your money.

Do not forget to try new products.

You will always find new products in every section every month as new launches going on. So try to buy a small sachet or small packet of that brand and use it. If you like that product then replace that brand with your existing one.

The important thing you need to keep in your mind that.

  • Never buy a big packet or amount of any new product. Buy a small one to try and experience it.
  • If you find something new try to read their unbias reviews online or gather information form your society.

Use your credit card to purchase

I am not promoting to increase your debt. But there are many credit cards an special cards which offer a good amount of extra discount for their customers. You can also earn extra points for each amount you spend.

You can keep looking a good credit card which offers good points and an extra discount at these supermarkets and shops.

Some of the credit cards offer zero chares on EMI which means you need not pay if you convert the total purchase amount on EMI. This will be an added advantage for the previously discussed purchase during the annual sale.

The bonus tips for saving money at the grocery store

You can use the online services like grofers, amazon pantry, paytm mall to buy the products with a discounted price instead of buying at the stores.

Check the expiry date of the products. Do not buy the products which are going to expire soon. S this all about the Saving money at the grocery store top 7 ways. I hope you are going to use some of the ways which I discussed and please let me know how much you have saved in the comment and email to us.

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